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Meet the Team


Simon Cortes CEO/Founder Many people get to achieve their dream job, very few people have the opportunity to build their dream business. Simon Cortes however is one of the few who has worked hard for the opportunity to turn his dream into a reality. As the owner of Cevi Med, Cortes started the business originally looking for a way to make money, but when he found opportunity and non-competitive market Cortes jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I started Cevi Med when I was 19, and I was looking for better opportunities for myself. I was working for a medical imaging company and I got the opportunity to sell, I was really good at it. I saved my money, and I started buying exam tables and chairs," Cortes said. While most people his age were taking out loans for college, Cortes was taking out a loan for his business. With the belief that an investment in his business was an investment in himself, he didn't hesitate. After completing two semesters in college, Cortes decided the traditional career path wasn't for him and soon dedicated his sole focus to building his brand. "Piece by piece Cevi Med has grown. [It] started as an idea to make money while I was in college. From an idea. From one person to 30 people. From one product to over 10,000 products. From one truck to having five trucks. I've seen the company grow from making many errors to getting better, growing better to make more errors. And to get better again," Cortes said. Now as a father, a family man, and a successful entrepreneur; Cortes has a new motivation to continue working hard and growing his business. "I have a son now, and he is my push to why I want to Cevi Med to grow, him and everyone at Cevi Med. I love Cevi Med because I believe it gives the opportunity for people to grow who may not have the opportunity. It gave me the opportunity." Cortes said. With plans to build a new warehouse in the near future, and to expand the business market; Cortes still sees an opportunity for growth. "[Next year] I plan to focus on becoming a better leader, becoming a better father and growing my family. And a pool for the home would be cool too."


Robert Arundel Customer Service & Sales Robert Arundel is the first voice you hear when you call Cevi Med. He is one of the major lifelines of this business. Joining the team in December of 2020, Robert has reinvented the way Cevi Med communicates with its customers. “I gain satisfaction out of making people happy. If I work hard, hopefully, others will see that and they will want to work hard as well. I try to be as truthful as possible and I work diligently to see that others get results,” Arundel said. With the addition of Arundel in customer service and growth within the company overall, Cevi Med has been able to redevelop its delivery system. By adding its own logistics line, the business has relatively eliminated its dependency on third-party shipping companies which as a result has paved the way for better customer service, something that Arundel notes in his ability to effectively carry out his customer’s orders.

“I've seen the quality of our deliveries have enhanced. We can communicate with the drivers now that we do our own in-house delivery. Which as a result our customer service has improved. Our driver Santiago does a fantastic job at communicating with me, and I'm able to better communicate with the customers.” When he is not on the job, Arundel enjoys spending time with his family. “Everything is about my family. I devote all my time to them." By each day going above and beyond, he demonstrates his integrity by serving each customer with respect and professionalism.


Lina Montesino Purchasing Administrator Lina has been with Cevi Med since the beginning of 2019, and is a star when it comes to finding refurbished products that we need. Her history with Cevi Med began initially with creating product listings for the company website, but as a result of her excellent learning and organizational skills she was soon promoted to an administrative position. helping us process all the orders that came into our company. Now she focuses on assisting our CEO reach our goals. "The accelerated growth of the company has been impacted by each task and process that each member of this family has developed," said Montesino, adding "being here I have allowed myself to learn different skills, among those has been teamwork together with people who have contributed to my professional growth." Her entire stay with Cevi Med has been framed by her main motivations, her son and her husband. As Lina puts it, "they make me get up every day to continue working diligently, wanting to do things better every day and deliver better results."